The Brands That Power The Performance Aftermarket

From the street to the strip, circle track to road racing, the COMP Performance Group™ touches the lives of performance enthusiasts everywhere. The tradition of our companies is one of product innovation, superior engineering and unmatched customer service.

Whether your vehicle is classic or modern, domestic or foreign, CPG has the optimal product solution for your power train.  
      The COMP Performance Group™ consists of several industry leading performance aftermarket brands - some of which include: 

  • COMP Cams® - the absolute leader in valve train technology.
  • TCI® - the industry’s foremost expert drivetrain innovation
  • ZEX™ - innovators of safer, smarter, faster nitrous systems and related components
  • RHS® - the performance cylinder head manufacturer with the industry’s largest engineering and development team
  • FAST™ - the leading developer of advanced Electronic Fuel Injection technology

  • Inglese™ - the industry’s foremost induction jeweler for almost 30 years
  • Powerhouse Products® - the premier online tool store for engine builders and automotive machinists
  • Quarter Master® - the dominant force in driveline technology

Driving Clutch Technology Forward Quarter Master™ provides performance racing clutches and driveline components for racers from the NASCAR super speedways, to the bullring, to rally, to the “weekend warrior”! Founded in 1972, Quarter Master™ has enjoyed a long history of race-proven results. Our products are built to exceed the racer’s demand for reliability, high performance and durability. Our passion and commitment are to the racer’s goal…winning!


The World’s Foremost Induction Jeweler Capturing and assembling your imagination into a superb performing and visually stunning induction system is what Inglese™ has been doing since the 1970s. As the market’s foremost induction jeweler, Inglese™ is the first choice when it comes to affordably exotic Weber induction. Far from stopping at offering complete induction systems, Inglese™ is also your one-stop source for Weber parts and accessories.


The Official eBay Outlet For the COMP Performance Group™ consists of the official eBay store and online auctions for the COMP Performance Group™ closeout, overstock and liquidation products, with each sale including a full factory warranty. With attractive pricing and high quality products that have never been used, is the place to find discount performance parts.


The Forefront of Engine Technology Information Exchange The Advanced Engineering Technology Conference™ was originally conceived as an independent and unbiased forum for the exchange of the latest engine technology. Started in 1989, the AETC™ precedes the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show held annually in Orlando, Florida, where it continues to be a must-attend event for engine builders, racers, engineers, salesmen, and media of all backgrounds and interests.


Advanced Valve Train Technology For Kart & Jr. Dragster Racing For maximum power from your Briggs Animal or Raptor, look no further than GoParts™. You’ll find the same superior design and precision valve train engineering provided to NASCAR race teams by the parent company, COMP Cams®. GoParts™ is your online source for high quality performance go kart and Jr dragster parts like camshafts, valve springs, retainers, lifters, pushrods, tools and many other parts for Briggs & Stratton Racing engines.


Performance Valve Train Parts For Your Harley VThunder™ has been providing innovative, quality performance products to Harley® enthusiasts for years. From mild or wild cams to state-of-the-art ignitions, VThunder™ has a philosophy that screams out unmatched quality and unbelievable performance. With products from VThunder™, Harley® owners get the same eye-popping, knuckle-whitening performance as with our race-proven parent company, COMP Cams®.
  Software Simulations For Performance And Racing ProRacing Sim™ offers a wide range of highly-accurate simulation packages, each consisting of four simulation “levels”. Basic levels can be upgraded to more advanced versions using simple over-the-phone Instant Activation™. ProRacing Sim™ gives you the ability to test nearly any engine or vehicle combination using various tools, components and unique testing environments – all without having to turn a wrench!


The High Performance Tool Store That Never Closes! Powerhouse® Products is the premier online store for engine builders and automotive machinists, providing performance tools that are the industry standard in precision and durability. We also offer state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and specialty tools for unique tuning applications. And with our endless supply of “how-to” automotive reference materials, we will make sure you turn precision into power!


Leading Advanced EFI Technology FAST™ has everything you need to put the latest fuel injection technology into your engine. With technical assistance beyond comparison, FAST™ builds close relationships with customers, many of which help our R&D team stay on top. With easy-to-use products, FAST™ brings the best EFI experience to both racers and street enthusiasts with superior EFI systems, intake manifolds, throttle bodies and other components.


Safer, Smarter, Faster. ZEX™ has rewritten the rules for nitrous performance, safety and convenience. Our innovative designs and direct fit kits enable quick installation and optimal performance. Nothing compares to the acceleration and performance of ZEX™ nitrous systems – there’s not a more cost effective performance upgrade in existence. And with a host of nitrous accessories, ZEX™ is sure to have everything you need.


Power By Design™ RHS® cylinder heads and engine blocks feature patented Clean Cast Technology™, a revolutionary process that eliminates casting flaws and the need for finish-machining prior to use, giving you more power – right out of the box. With advanced engineering technology and more standard features than any competing product, every RHS® product is designed, engineered and manufactured to deliver Power By Design™.


Engineered Superior Drivetrain Solutions TCI® designs superior performance automatic transmissions and transmission parts, from OEM replacement to racing. Each new product undergoes rigorous testing at the TCI® facility, which contains two Axiline transmission dyno simulators, a fully operational R&D center and state-of-the-art CAD software. These resources help make TCI® the industry leader in transmissions, torque converters and other drivetrain essentials.


COMP Cams® manufactures superior hydraulic and solid flat tappet, roller and overhead camshafts for everything from OEM replacement to full race. Designed using cutting-edge technology and the industry’s finest engineering, our performance cams make more horsepower and torque than any other. Match them up with our state-of-the-art valve train components, and you’ll experience the ultimate in race-winning performance!